Zayira and Sofia

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YOU are a lad thenkz for the high five 

Okay we did em for each other :)

Sofia is super poetic and artsy and insightful and intelligent, her music taste is amazing her clothes are so cute and so preppy hehe. she’s soo talented and has a whole world inside her head :) She’s so easy to talk even with her sass hehe. she’s so adorable and is such a unique and lovely person who’s so pretty inside and out and she’s so so great

Okay so zayira is an adorable little human being whos kinda innocent but kinda not cause she has a boyf and all and shes so sweet and kind to everyone and is just a great person and is so unique and chill and indie and special and smart and perfect and sassy you guys should get to know her shes amazing

Muchas gracias x

youuu should try the searchbar haha but im sorry is this what you mean?

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